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ePhrase: “ePhrase is a noteworthy Education app.” - Hands on Review of ePhrase from Best10Apps.com. ( 米国Best10AppsのレヴューにePhraseは「注目の教育アプリ」と掲載されました。)
Featured on the iTunes App Store’s “What’s Hot” in Education

( アイチューンズ・アプ・ストアの 教育「話題のアプリ」に掲載されました。)

eSound1,2: “eSound1 is a noteworthy Education app.” - Hands on Review of eSound1 from Best10Apps.com. ( 米国Best10AppsのレヴューにeSound1は「注目の教育アプリ」と掲載されました。 ) Featured on NEWS, AppBuddy, USA ( 米国AppBuddyのNEWSにとりあげられました。) Featured on “Mac Treasure Tracing Club,” Japan and the iTunes App Store’s “What’s Hot.”(「Macお宝鑑定団」に掲載されました。アイチューンズ・アプ・ストアの「話題のアプリ」に掲載されました。)

ePhrase is an iPhone application for Japanese learners of English. ePhrase contains 100 commonly used American phrases and should be of great assistance to Japanese learners of English anxious to learn the language as actually spoken by the people in the United States. See next page for details. . . more  英語   日本語

eSound 1, eSound 2 - Secrets of English Sounds. Just listen to simple targeted sounds and read simple notes, and you will understand English sounds so easily. No one has taught you how to make real English sounds, but eSound can. eSound is designed not only for producing English sounds but also for perceiving them. After learning and practicing the targeted sounds, you can readily recognize the real English sounds in a flash while seeing Hollywood movies or watching TV! You will be surprised at how much you hear English sounds that you have not recognized before. . . more  英語   日本語

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DentalEnglish - DentalEnglish is a communication tool for making a confidential relationship between you as a dentist and your patient to treat his/her teeth. It has 40 designed situational units that a dentist faces with his/her patients at the dentist’s office. Each unit has five to seven key phrases for his/her instructions or descriptions with some pictures as necessary. Yoshitomi has remodeled his original texts of his lecture into the communication tool for not only Japanese dental students but dentists to talk with the patients from foreign countries. DentalEnglish covers 300 key phrases that the dentists need for his dental treatment. You can have full command of Dental English if you master those 300 key phrases.

As DentalEnglish is well designed for your self-learning or sharing it with your patient to show the sentences or pictures, it is extremely effective for you even you are not a good English speaker.

Tomorrow, a patient from a foreign country might visit your dental office. Learn DentalEnglish on your iPhone, become an international dentist!

Yoshitomi has been in charge of Clinical English of Dental Medicine at universities in Japan since 1996. The Presidents’ Conference of “English for Dental Medicine” in 2011 confirmed that Yoshitomi’s teaching technique with the original materials is the most advanced in Japan.  ☞日本語

eCalendar (英語日めくり) , eCal’14 (英語日めくり) - eCalendar is a page-a-

day calendar with annual events and 365 English expressions of

uplifting or healing phrases, proverbs and questions, and the instructions for Japanese learners of English.

   Flick to read and learn an English expression a day. Try to tell it to

yourself, or tell it to your friends a day. Bookmark the page for your

favorite. Print it out if necessary. Find your favorite page in the list of

thumbnail page section. Touch  the index page icons at the bottom of

the screen to jump to any page. 英語日めくり日本語

                                                    英語日めくり14 日本語

Special Thanks: Dr. Peter L. Hagen, James Brannan, the Technical Support and Services of iPhone Dev. Center, Apple.

Improve Your Speech

eCal13, eCal14, ePhrase, eSound1,2, and DentalEnglish

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eSound 1

eSound 2

ePhrase (1.1.5)

  1. 発音すると自動で書き込まれ、リスト保存出来ます。

  2. ネイティブ音声で反応するので発音の勉強になります。

eSound1, eSound2 (1.1.6)

Added a microphone in the Studio for your pronunciation practice.


Siri handles both English and Japanese in the Writing Section.

自動音声入力で自分用フレーズList が作れます!

ePhrase, eSound 1+2,

DentalEnglish & eCalendar

Dental English (1.0.5) iTunes教育有料38位!AppleMaster神アプリで紹介されています。



MissApps, only the Best Apps from the App Store, introduces DentalEnglish. (ベストの作品のみ紹介する

MissApps で取りあげられています。)

TopApp.net, Best iPhone and iPad applications list, introduces DentalEnglish. (トップアプリ TopApp.net Amazing Appとして取りあげらています。)





英語日めくり14 (eCal’14) (1.1.0)

iTunese 教育有料 19位!  無料4位!  総合有料 217位!

  1. 箇条書き項目  365の表現をカバー

  2. 箇条書き項目  フレーズ、ことわざ、質問、まめ知識をラインアップ。

  3. 箇条書き項目  英語表現の説明は元気の出るもの、癒されるものが中心。

365 English Expressions for your study with functions of Bookmark, Thumbnail Section, Print Section, Index Page Icons.



教育有料 4 位! 総合有料 66 位!

“英語日めくり14” プレスリリースありがとうございます。


現在 Version 1.0.5


教育 9位

米国 University

Books Apps

AppleRank 総合 85位↑
iTunes 教育トップ有料 教育 89位(7/15)

米国 University Books Apps

iTunes 教育トップ有料 教育 38位(2016)

Top 20 to Alternativesで紹介.




教育有料 16 位!総合有料 187 位!(1/16)


Best Education App DentalEnglish (米国University Books Apps), 有料38位

148Apps ePhrase (米国University Books Apps), Ver 1.2.1, 有料教育9位 神アプリ App Shopper, Applicon eSound1, Ver 1.2.0, 有料教育9位 神アプリ


DentalEnglish  神アプリ になりました!
Best EDUCATION app.comで紹介されています。


eSound1, 2     

eAppsLine introduces iPhone apps, ePhrase, eSound1, 2, DentalEnglish and eCalendar developed and published by Noboru Sunny Yoshitomi.

eAppsLine also provides free English materials for learners of English to practice.

iTunes 教育

トップ有料 教育 9 位(7/15)

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